How do I migrate my Minecraft account?

How do I migrate my Minecraft account?
Accounts created before February 4, 2015, are now considered “Unmigrated” meaning
they have no Mojang account attached to them. Migrating account simply means
you are moving your old account into a brand new account.
To do this please follow the instructions below.
  • Visit
  • Enter the current email on your account in the first box
  • Then enter your account credentials (username:password) in the following 2 boxes
  • Next, type in the email you want your new account to be created on. Please Note: Mojang allows 1 email per account so make sure you are using an email that has not yet been migrated to.
  • Finally, enter your Date Of Birth and press “Migrate”. (You may need to solve a captcha)

What can a migrated Minecraft Account do?
Congratulations! You migrated your account to a account!
Some key differences between a account and account are
as follows:
  • You must login to your account with your email rather than your username.
  • You can change your name, skin, and account details on

How can I protect and secure my Mojang Account?
Security is a big issue when it comes to protecting your newly migrated account.
However, Mojang has you covered! On you can add security questions
to your account which are personal to you. Upon adding these questions, any
unrecognized login attempts will require the intruder to enter the answers to these
questions. But remember to write down the answers you put as you cannot view them
after creating them!


  1. Whydafuq are alts banned on hypickle

  2. I can't log onto any of the alts I bought

  3. hello i bought 5 alts but 1 of them cannot login

  4. i didnt even give the list for the migrated account thanks wow.

  5. i got no EMAIL or PASSWORD with my purchase i just got a username

  6. it seems hard to understand to these people, so i will explain again.

    1.) once you purchase the product, wait a couple minutes, this is what happened to me and i thought i got scammed.
    2.) once you get the email there will be 3 words separated by colons. first will be username
    then password then email. ex: username:password:email
    3.) then proceed to and enter the old info where needed, and new info where needed.

  7. i got my email only problem is i tried to migrate it but nothing worked ik what the user and pass is but it looks like it was already migrated? like is there someway to fix this?

  8. some of many accounts i bought not working and havent got replacement

  9. some of my account lost the subscribtion premium status!!!

  10. someone already claimed my account is this a scam?

  11. i tryed to merge and it just kept sayin email or password is wrong then it said Error! Too many failed attempts. Please try again later. Please Help

  12. i dont have my acc i bought lol


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